M25 began is primarily an SEO/Internet Marketing agency that also provides web design & graphic design services. We have become a link building and PR agency with clients in the UK, Africa and the United States. We are based out of Dallas, Texas.

Our Team:

Zach Daniel: Chief of Marketing: Zach runs the marketing services for our company. He has four years experience directing online marketing initiatives. In his spare time Zach likes Inc Magazine, Baylor Bear Sports, SEObook, Chris Brogan & Crossfit.

Jeremy Radcliffe: Chief of Web Development: Jeremy runs all things related to web development at M25. He has 13 years experience coding software applications and websites. In his spare time Jeremy likes Baylor Football, France, Mac & Wired.

Clayton Thompson: Chief of Graphic Design: Clayton has 10 years experience in both print and online graphic design works. Clayton is an avid swimmer, lover of all things Spanish & a father of two boys.